About Feest


Over the years Lottie had many jobs and lived in more places than she’d care to remember. With every new job and address, she learned that food not only brings joy, but can also alleviate homesickness and present the opportunity of friendship. Food has the ability to unite and bond people in a way that few other things can. It is a part of our culture and as those that live abroad will know, an important component in our sense of identity.

Throughout Lottie’s  life she swapped and shared recipes, set up lunch and supper clubs, blogged, volunteered in soup runs for the homeless, taught cooking to people with learning disabilities and cooked alongside and for some great chefs. 

At the tail end of 2014 and at 45 years young, Lottie made herself a new year’s resolution that she could, and would, follow her dream. She quit her career with just a small amount of savings but a ton of belief & support from friends and family. She soon started working in professional kitchens and at events. Though Lottie loves the act of cooking itself, she slowly came to the realisation that it’s the connection that food creates with the people that She enjoys even more. 

Lottie named the business Feest which means ‘to party’ or ‘celebration’ in the Dutch language. And therein lies both her background and the very ethos that informs what the team do. Food is often overcomplicated and intellectualised, yet at Feest we just cook delicious food to bring people together and ‘celebrate the everyday’.

You can find Lottie and her team in the cafe at Greenhouse N16. They passionately cook a comprehensive menu of fresh dishes daily and the cafe is open from Sunday through to Friday. On Saturday The cafe focuses on events & workshops. Follow @feestlondon on instagram and twitter for daily updates and delicious dishes available at the Feest cafe.