Job no 1

Much like what I used to call a holding email this is a quick update on the past few days into my new life. Mostly I feel an overwhelming sense of relief. I can only describe it as that. Bizarrely enough I have been so super busy in the past three days that I wonder how I ever fitted the Day-job in?

Since Monday I have been planning and ordering food for the wedding I am catering for this coming weekend. This is my first official job and its both nerve-wrecking and exiting at the same time. I’m no stranger to cooking for a whole bunch of people and have done many supper clubs, pop ups and other events, but this was always combined with my full time job and always made me feel a bit of a fraud;  like I was not good enough to do it full time or something?! But I am living the dream now! And so the girl who used to make food for a hobby is a proper paid Cook from now on. Keep your fingers crossed for me this Saturday. I have a feeling the ride has been a little too easy thus far  x


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